"I work with children who have taken karate through this program and find that they have found empowerment through the discipline of practicing their art. In general, I think karate helps children, with diagnoses like Attention Deficit Disorder, to learn focus, and the physical discipline helps them learn to control themselves. I think an extra side benefit is that children have increased self-esteem through participation and through feeling that they have become better at something tangible."

- Jan Hayden, Counselor

"V-Town Family Karate is grateful and proud to be the first recipients of the Tang Soo Do Foundation Grant. Our school is in Vredenburgh, Alabama. Our instructor, a third degree black belt, is Sr. Kathleen Navarra, a Sister of St. Joseph who ministers with the Fathers of St. Edmund of Selma, AL. Our students live in the Black Belt of Alabama with high unemployment, in very rural and isolated conditions. There are no community activities to occupy their energy. Children come from the surrounding communities which makes this the only integrated activity in the area. Karate gives students a totally wholistic experience. Our classes include the traditional Korean martial arts of form, self-defense and weaponry. At the same time we emphasis the art of leadership, respect, sharing, good nutrition and physical conditioning. Since classes are free we try to give back to the community in various ways, anti-littering days, demonstrations at events, etc. We make do with PVC bongs but this grant will provide mats and equipment to train even harder."

- Sister Kathleen Navarra

"We are so proud that our son is part of the V-town Family Karate. The Stranger Danger my son has been taught has made him more confident in himself. I feel this school has taught him to work well with others and take pride in what he and his call mates have accomplished. The kids all love the class motto and try to live by it, "Quitters never win and winners never quit", and they intend to be a WINNER. "

- John and Michelle Hasselvander

"I am proud that my grandson is part of V-Town Family Karate. He is having fun learning self-protection and discipline."

- Faye Sheffield

"I am proud that my grandson is part of V-Town Family Karate. He is learning to interact with other children and learning self-defense. He takes pride in what he is learning and is more self-confident. "

- James M. Sheffield

"What I like best about Tang Soo Do is learning how to stop bullying and to help other people who are bullied."

- Jackson

"I like Tang Soo Do to meet other people and have fun."

- Eli

"I like to learn about the history of karate, the culture and traditions of the ancient warriors."

- Kareem

"In our class we help other people. We learn how to defend ourselves and our family and to be safe."

- Alexander

"I like to learn the moves that imitate animals. We learn to help other people."

- Glen