APTSD Foundation - Supporting Our Communities

The APTSD Foundation wishes to support our communities by providing friendly and safe environments for our youth, teens, and elderly to working on the many mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of training in Tang Soo Do.

Support for Children

Our "Grow With Those You Know" for at-risk youth, takes kids who are on the brink of getting into trouble and puts them on "the straight and narrow" path in life by providing scholarships for them to take martial arts lessons. Over 50 psychological studies show martial arts training improves the ability to focus and concentrate as well as it provides enhanced self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to manage stress. Martial arts also provide positive peer influence, pro-social activity, and positive leadership from the instructors. There have been many psychological studies done on the "normal" population to support these findings, but few studies have been done on the "at risk population."

Support for Individuals with Special Needs

While there have been no formal medical or psychological studies done, there is much anecdotal evidence that martial arts' training has the same psychological benefits for special needs people as for the general population. In addition, there is much anecdotal evidence that martial arts training can tremendously improve the physical and mental capabilities of the disabled. This is especially true for children and adults who are autistic.
Another good example of this is people with cerebral palsy.

Support for the Elderly

The Foundation's "Whole Person" program focuses on balancing the mind, body, and spirit of its practitioners. This program uses a "soft" style version of Tang Soo Do to help increase focus, attention, balance, agility, flexibility, as well as to restore vital energy to its practitioner. Several years ago a ground-breaking study was done at Emory University Medical Center. The study established that a modified martial arts training regimen could reduce the risk of a serious fall in the elderly by almost 50%.

More Medical and Psychological Studies and Research and Development is Needed.

There is little doubt that more work needs to be done to study the "at-risk" and special needs population. We need to put the "science" behind what every martial arts instructor already knows from firsthand experience. That means these candidates' lives can be improved tremendously by martial arts training. The Foundation is authorized to fund and help conduct studies to establish the effectiveness of this training.