APTSD Foundation - Serving those in Need

While the APTSD Foundation wishes to Share Tang Soo Do and Support our Communities, it also offers an avenue for communities, groups, and APTSDF studio partners to come together in charity events, fund raisers, and many other community serving activies.

Fundraising Activities

The APTSD Foundation partners will host fund raising events to help generate funds that can be used to award scholarships to youth, teens, elderly, and special needs students who could benefit from Tang Soo Do programs and training. Partners include APTSDF karate studios around the world, as well as affiliate organizations and clubs who join together for this great cause.

Charity Events

While providing fantastic mental, physical, and spiritual martial arts training can and will change lives in our communities, the APTSD Foundation wishes to serve our communities in other ways as well. Serving as volunteers in charity events around our communities is a great way for Foundation partners to give back to their respective comomunities.

Serving in Disaster Areas

The APTSD Foundation has partner members with specialties that can really provide great service in times of natural or other disasters around the world. By coming together when our fellow citizens are having a desperate time of need the Foundation partners, affiliates, and members can provide aid in recovery efforts.