Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Kwan Jang Nim J. John St. James, President and CEO

Q1: To begin with, Sir, could you please revisit for us the importance of the APTSD Foundation? Why should it be important to us?

"This is a good question. I feel it should be important to all of us as we get more by giving than we do receiving. If we can help one person have a better life through Tang Soo Do training, we should try. Our target group are at-risk children who unfortunately are lacking the foundational skills so necessary to fulfill their potential. We are able to help them by planting Tang Soo Do schools where they can learn self-control, self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others, focus, and better self-confidence or self-esteem. We have been able to do this with at least three (3) schools since starting the Foundation. It is our goal to plant 3 or 4 new schools per year. With everyone's help this is very possible."

Q2: Very importantly, who are we targeting as beneficiaries for the Foundation?

"We are targeting at risk children and in some cases their disadvantaged parents or other adults who qualify. To qualify, the candidate must come from an area that is poverty stricken and they themselves or their parents must be disadvantaged. The candidate must show financial need."

Q3: Sir, in review of 2012, could you please briefly highlight the launch of the Foundation in terms of events that were conducted, donations given and successes achieved?

"We have had many successes since we begin the Foundation on January 26th, 2012. We have raised thousands of dollars and awarded out three thousand dollars to date. We have also built the necessary infrastructure to get the word out to as many people as possible. The one thing we need is more volunteers to give of their time to this very worthy cause. As an example, we have one school owner who has volunteered to build the Foundation website which I am proud to announce should be done very shortly. We have another who has volunteered to head our Foundation Committee. We have had others who have worked Foundation booths and helped with kick off campaigns. What we need now is each school to put on one fund raiser per year. For example, a garage sale or something similar."

Q4: More importantly, Sir, for the new year of 2013, where do you see the Foundation heading? What is the short term goal for this year as far as fund raising, grants, awareness in our communities, etc..?

"I see us developing at least four (4) new at-risk Tang Soo Do clubs or schools in 2013 and hopefully someday 4 to 5 per year depending on our budget and what we can afford. We have accomplished 75% of our goal in the first two months so we are well on track to finish the year with at least four if not five new TSD programs funded by the Foundation. I also see more school owners and their students getting involved as they learn about the good work we are doing and the many benefits of the Foundation to those who participate. I also see our website going live and at least one new Foundation ad on TSD World. Most importantly, it is my hope that each school owner will organize one fund raiser per year to help support the Foundation."

Q5: What is the vision long term for the future of the APTSD Foundation?

"My long term vision for the Foundation is that it grows so we can start at-risk centers all over the country. I am also working on a Leadership component which will help at-risk kids learn the skills of public speaking, goal setting, stepping out of their comfort zones, building rapport, and other important building blocks to success. This all takes time, energy, and resources but the good news is Tang Soo Do has taught us perseverance and indomitable spirit so we will not give up until we have helped as many people that qualify as possible. Next, I have a long term goal that we may someday have a retreat center for the Foundation where we can hold leadership camps and martial arts clinics and seminars. My vision is that the Federation could rent the retreat as could other organizations that have similar goals. It could be of our legacy as we share our God given talents with those who need it most. I would also like to help some of our international membership who live in third world countries to better be able to visit Headquarters from time to time. Currently, we have membership who can't even afford to travel one time per year outside of their little towns in Mexico for example. It would be nice to be able to have a fund for this type of thing in the future."


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