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from Grandmaster John St. James - Founder and President

APTSD Foundation sets a target to get ten at-risk youth to the APTSD Federation International Championships to be held in Orlando, FL

The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Foundation has set a goal to sponsor ten at risk youth to attend the APTSD Federation International Championships to be held in Orlando, FL. These International Championships are held every two years and bring Tang Soo Do martial artists together from as far away as Australia. This year's Championship will be held at the B Resort and Spa on Disney property in Orlando, FL a truly magical location for what promises to be a fantastic event.

The APTSD Foundation has helped at risk children for many years in Alabama's Black Belt region. The Black Belt has been called the poorest areas in the country because of our high unemployment rate but we are rich in fields of cotton, cattle and timber. The greatest treasures are the children and families that live in these rural, isolated communities. For the first time the Foundation is making it possible for ten of Master Navarra's students to attend the APTSD Federation's International Championships held in Disney World this July. Master Navarra lived in Vredenburgh and taught there and in Camden for several years. Students from both communities are being challenged to make the team. Each must test to their next belt level; complete community service hours and maintain good grades and attendance in school. Students are finding creative ways to raise funds for the trip. Some have participated with their parents in Vredenburgh's Clean-up Campaign. They presented a demonstration to parents in Camden at an annual memorial service. Next month they will help Vredenburgh refill the "mountain" of wood chips necessary to keep the community playground safe. Unquestionably the students are ready for the challenge.

Donations to the APTSD Foundation in the past have made it possible to provide uniforms, mats and focus mitts. Today the contributions will bring ten children from Vtown Family Karate to the International Competition and to visit Mickey in Disney World.

The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Foundation is a Non-Profit (501C3) organization centered on serving the community and dedicated to sharing how the martial arts and Tang Soo Do in particular can change lives for the better no matter the background or status of an individual.

For more information about how you can help the APTSD Foundation, please contact the Federation headquarters at (770) 614-0006. You may also email

J. John St. James, President and CEO
Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation
APTSD Foundation, Non Profit (501C3)
Headquarters Phone Number: (770) 614-0006

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